French class at Pownall Green school

French for children at Pownall school The grandma of one of my year 2 pupils commented: What have you done to my grand daughter, she loves French so much she is looking for French apps on the mobile phone and practising with the sounds of each word! All about encouraging children to learn! How lovely […] Read more »

Fun French club at Pownall Green school

From J B – Child attending club at Pownall Green school – February 2015 My son attends Sophie’s La Jolie Ronde French class after school and I have noticed that he is really happy and motivated to learn French, more than he was when he was learning French through school lessons only. He already started […] Read more »

Fun French class for 5 / 8 year old

KM from Stockport  – July 2014 My boys have come to Sophie’s class for 2 years now.  They both love to go to class and learn French. Sophie makes it so interesting for them.  Our youngest is five and he quite often quotes French words to me. Every night I have to say ‘goodnight’ and […] Read more »

French class for 4 years old

VH from Gatley –  July 2014 My daughter has really enjoyed this years French class and is always excited to see Sophie! She understands a lot of French words and is more confident when using them – particularly good at colours. She will often just come out with French words as the mood takes her. […] Read more »

Spanish class for toddlers

KA from Stockport – July 2014 Finley has loved learning Spanish over the last year.  He counts to himself and Spanish words are used when he is playing with his toys! Finley is always asking what English words are in Spanish and looks forward to his lesson each week. Thank you Sophie for helping Finley […] Read more »

Fun French and Spanish classes for 6 years old

Testimonial from WT – Gatley  – July 2014 It is a great place for kids to learn foreign languages. My daughters enjoy the lessons so much, learning through games, toys, pictures, songs, of course with books and CD.  They never get bored – That’s the main thing. Teacher is lovely and caring.  The class is […] Read more »