New: Toddlers French Class short recordings on FB

We have posted some short recordings of the French Toddlers class on our FaceBook page. Please do listen to them by going to this link: (copy and paste in your address bar) by the Audio Community, click on the blue description and once on the site click play for the recording you would like […] Read more »

French Private Tuition

My reason for learning French is probably different from the norm as we are moving to a predominantly French speaking country. Having only GCSE French I required help with writing letters and emails to our landlord, schools and various suppliers to name but a few. Sophie has been invaluable in helping me build up confidence, […] Read more »

Fun Spanish Class

My son began classes with Sophie when he was 4 year old. The small group size was a bonus and really helped him to learn quite quickly. Languages are definitely a good life skill. HA  from Bramhall Read more »

French Toddlers Class

We started French classes when my daughter was 21 months old, she is now 2 and thoroughly enjoys herself. She uses French words at home in her sentences and sometimes I can hear her just sitting practising words we have learnt or phrases from the songs. When I tell her we are going to French, […] Read more »

French advanced level for adults

After a ten year break from studying French I was quite nervous before my first lesson.  I shouldn’t have been as Sophie was so friendly and very quickly put me at ease. I was extremely rusty and quite reluctant to speak any French to begin with, but we started with a reading and comprehension exercise […] Read more »

French Toddlers and Monday French class

My children are 6 and 2 and come to Les Aventures de Minou et Trottine and la Journée de Bonbon classes. They both have progressed very well in French since we have been with Sophie. I can hold simple conversations in French with both children about meals, playing and counting.  The songs in the course […] Read more »

French Toddlers Class

I have really enjoyed the Toddlers French class which we started in January. My now 3 year old loves the class and it has been lovely to see her confidence and participation grow over the lessons. Sophie is a lovely teacher and is great at engaging with all the children. The CD is a great […] Read more »

Thursday French Class

Both our children enjoy their classes.   They are excited to tell us what they have learnt and will ask for songs on the CD to be played in the car. My eldest is learning French now at school and it has helped his confidence with answering the questions put to him in French by his […] Read more »

Spanish Class

My son Camarón is 9 and for months I have been attempting to teach him some Spanish, whilst I study Spanish at home.  He hadn’t shown any interest until he started learning with Sophie. Now he is keen to learn, enjoys his lessons each Monday and even asked for his own ice cream and lollies […] Read more »

French Coaching results!

Thank you so much Sophie for helping my daughter to achieve an A* with full marks for her GCSE speaking exam. We have been delighted with the French tuition that Sophie, my daughter, received from you. You brought her accent along leaps and bounds within the very short time leading up to her exam and […] Read more »